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Executor Checklist and Form 
On the right is a link to a document that will help you prepare for a Will as well as assist the Executor in his/her duties. Just click on the picture.
You can save the document to your computer, complete it, and then save it to an external hard-drive or flash-drive. Please do not complete it on-line and then save it. It is always safer to save it to your computer first.
We recommend that an electronic copy or hard copy be provided to the person you have chosen as Executor along with a Certified Copy of your Will.
This list is not a comprehensive example of duties of an Executor but it will be extremely useful.
Executor Checklist

Directions for PDF:

  1. Save PDF to your computer
  2. Complete form. If you wish to print it first, you can complete it manually. If you complete it on your computer please note that sections with multiple lines will only print what is viewable on your screen, not the entire data.
  3. Completed form should be saved to an external hard-drive or flash-drive and a copy should be provided to the Executor.