"Non nobis solum nati sumus"


In order to understand our services you will need to understand your duties and responsibilities as an Estate Administrator (Executor).
If you are in the midst of choosing an Estate Administrator or if you have been asked to be one for someone else then there are some key things you must keep in mind:
~ An Estate Administrator is solely responsible for settling an estate according to the deceased's wishes.  This will require fortitude of emotion and a degree of wherewithal to protect & distribute assets, pay outstanding debts & taxes, make appropriate notifications, and maintain a financial & activity accounting.
~ An Estate Administrator will encounter complex family dynamics which are often unexpected regardless of previous relationships.  There will be time constraints where even simple estates can take weeks or months to settle, especially due to a lack of experience and expertise.  This can be exacerbated if the Estate Administrator lives outside the province or country.
~ An Estate Administrator has a legal responsibility that is subject to personal liability.  If you find, at the time, that the duty is just too much for you to handle then you may apply to resign but if you do start any duties at all as an Estate Administrator then the Court may well deny your resignation.

Wilhaven National will...


~ Reduce the emotional and psychological burden while grieving.


~ Save you time - dozens of hours in research and paperwork, and will manage your affairs in a timely manner.


~ Maximize the value of your estate - our professional administration services limit losses and ensures maximization of benefits and refunds available.


~ Provide you peace of mind - we mitigate the risk of identity theft and fraud to protect the deceased and the survivors as well as provide guidance to Estate Administrators to mitigate their personal liability.




   Wilhaven does not charge a percentage of the estate...each portfolio is only $720 (plus HST)! This expense can be submitted against the estate.