"Non nobis solum nati sumus"

My parents won't talk about final arrangements. How do I get the conversation started?
Sometimes it helps to have other people around who are open to the discussion. More often than not it's a matter of privacy rather than fear. The concern about having their personal affairs being aired can keep people from going in a direction that they think threatens that privacy.

Wilhaven offers affordable presentations to groups at businesses, organizations, or even in homes. We know how to get the conversation started and keep it general.

I don't own a house and don't have much money, why do I need a Will?
Anyone 18+ needs a Will. It's not about money. When we hear the word "Estate" we imagine large properties and wealthy individuals. However, it actually just refers to our lives. We are all businesses, in a sense, that need to be closed down properly.

The most crucial part of the Will is naming an Executor and alternates in the case of the first choice not being available. Even if your Will is just one page that names an Executor you will have done something amazing for your family and friends. 

The funeral home says they will help me with all of this.
If you have a funeral provider and they tell you they provide final affairs assistance complimentary then you should be cautious. 

First, funeral providers do not do anything complimentary. There is either a hidden cost or they are using it as an opportunity to discuss your own funeral pre-arrangements since they are not allowed, legally, to advertise.

Second, ask them exactly what the final affairs assistance encompasses. Does it include international phone calls to stop pensions or apply for benefits? Does it include making notifications on your behalf? Does it include completing paperwork so that all you have to do is sign? Does it include copies of all the paperwork?

Third, ensure your funeral provider is current on legislation regarding many facets, including firearm sales, consumer rights, and security.

Wilhaven provides all of these things.

What are your hours?
We are flexible. We work during the day making notifications and completing administration for Estate Administrators so that they don't have to take time off work. We also work in the evenings/weekends to meet with clients at their leisure.

This all sounds very expensive.
Unlike other companies that offer final affairs assistance we do not charge a percentage of the estate. We have a flat, encompassing fee of $720 + HST. This fee includes a year of support for the Estate Administrator. It can take up to a year to complete duties, sometimes longer depending on the estate, but the average time is a year or less.

For group presentations to discuss the purpose of having a Will and the pitfalls that can befall Executors we charge $10/person, minimum 10 people, if you host on-site (in a home, church, hall, business).

If you do not have a location then please contact us for alternate pricing.