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You take care of your loved one's final wishes ~

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The links below will answer some basic questions you may have about Canadian survivor benefits for spouses and children:

Government of Canada Survivor's Pension

Benefits for Children Under 25

How many documents will need to be completed after a death?

A. It's different for each individual. There is no set number; it depends on the life of the deceased.

Do all spouses and children receive CPP benefits?

A. No. If the deceased was self-employed, for instance, and did not pay into CPP then there are no benefits payable to survivors. there is criteria. It is not an automatic death benefit.

If I remarry do I lose the survivor's benefit from my previously deceased spouse?

A. No.

My common-law husband is only separated from his wife, not yet divorced. We've been living together for quite some time though. Who would get the Survivor Benefit?

A. The wife. Only divorce counts, not separation, so the legal spouse is eligible for all benefits.

I have a will but it's pretty old. I've told my family what I want though. That should be good enough, right?

A. WRONG. If it's not in writing it's not acceptable in a court of law. People have lost homes, businesses, and family relations because proper procedure was not followed and oral instructions were passed along. Everyone gets along just fine until someone actually dies and reality sets in. PUT IT IN WRITING.

My bank is going to be my Estate Administrator when I die. It's easier this way and they say it's a good idea because they have my financial information. Why doesn't everyone just do this?

A. Would you ask a complete stranger on the street to come into your home, go through your cupboards/drawers, personal items? That is what you do when you name a bank as Executor. Although you may have a relationship with your Account Manager that person is not your Executor, the bank is. If that person changes jobs then someone you don't even know may be in charge of your estate. That person needs to inventory your home which means they will need access to all of your most private memories.

Think about it.

A Will is not just about money.