You take care of your loved one's final wishes ~

we'll take care of the rest.

Wilhaven National, Inc.

London, Ontario, Canada



About Us

Wilhaven National Inc. is a Canadian federally incorporated company that assists Executors (Estate Administrators) with all the tasks associated with final affairs after a death. The amount of work and paperwork can be daunting under normal circumstances but after a death and during the grieving process it can be overwhelming and many things may either not get done or not even considered.  We are like having a personal assistant throughout the process.

We don't only assist AFTER a death. We are great proponents of making informed choices. There is so much information available online that sometimes it's hard to determine what is legal, what is required, and everything in between. The assumption is that funeral homes will take care of things but the reality is that funeral homes are in the funeral business, not the after-funeral business. While some may offer assistance most will simply provide checklists, dvds, booklets, or short-term visits by a funeral home employee.

What we do:

Meet with you in person. We can certainly do things over the phone, especially if distance is an obstacle, but we develop a relationship with you. You only deal with one person, not whomever happens to answer the phone.

We can come to your home, business, or church, or any venue to give free presentations on how to prepare for final affairs. This isn't a funeral pre-planning seminar; it is strictly to answer the questions that will help you make informed decisions about organizing your life to assist your Executor as well as answer questions by those who have agreed to be Executors.

We do not offer legal or financial advice. We leave that to the professionals.

There are no questions that are awkward...we provide the information that is not readily available. If we don't know an answer, we will find it for you.