You take care of your loved one's final wishes ~

we'll take care of the rest.

Wilhaven National, Inc.

London, Ontario, Canada




Welcome to Wilhaven. We are here to answer your questions and give you peace of mind. We are here to dispel myths. And we are especially here to help you avoid unnecessary expenses and costs incurred when you lose a loved one.

Our fee is static. It does not change based on how great your need may be and we do not try to shame you or use your vulnerability to  purchase what you may not require. 

There is no industry for what we do although those in other industries may incorporate some of the elements of what we do. This is our specialty, not an afterthought or an addition. We have watched helplessly when clients have come to us, too late, for assistance because of poor guidance and misinformation from funeral homes and other professionals. In extreme cases individuals have lost homes and business. In lesser cases, individuals have been out thousands of dollars from their own accounts.

Please contact us today for information on how to book a free presentation. No hidden costs. No sales pressure. Just questions answered and options offered. We will come to your home or organization, any size group.
we prepare for every event in life except death, even though it is the one given.
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